Spring City Blend

Bags of green coffee stacked at Fazenda Furnas, the source of the Brazilian component of this blend

The comfort of a familiar taste. A drop of excitement.

Here it is - Spring City Coffee's flagship blend. Bringing together a few coffees from around the world, this coffee hopes to be your go-to. Each region represented here is included to bring something fun to the party so you can have a comfortable, nostalgic experience with a good cup of joe adding a little spin to pique your interest. In each cup, you might look for notes of dark / baking chocolate, peanut, and a citrusy finish.

This iteration of Spring City Blend features offerings from Brazil and Uganda, with just a splash of my Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. The Brazil is a natural process coffee, which means the fruit is allowed to dry on the seed (coffee bean) before it's removed. These beans bring some baked fruit and nutty flavors. Coming in next is the Uganda, with the classic coffee flavors - earthy and warm. Last, just a touch of Ethiopian coffee highlights the brightness the other coffees already contained, ending with a fun twist.

I roasted this coffee to a medium level. I think it makes the flavors a little stronger without losing the nuance. Try this blend as cold brew or for your daily cup (or carafe).

Spring City Blend

Farm information and images from Sweet Maria's / Coffee Shrub