Brazil Mogiana Decaf

An aerial view of coffee growing in the Mogiana region of Brazil

Woah. Is this decaf?

Typically, decaf is reserved for when you need it. It's too late or your doctor said "caffeine is bad for you." This coffee might be the exception to that rule.

I've found myself reaching for this coffee when I would normally drink a regular. It is delicate yet classic. The gentle decaffeination and natural processing processes cause these flavors to shine, bringing out fruit, nuts, and chocolate. Play a prank on your friends. Hand them a cup of this and see if they notice it's decaf.

These beans were grown in the Mogiana region of Brazil, rich with volcanic loam. The standard protocol for removing fruit from the seed (which we call a bean) involves power washing off the pulp. In this case, the fruit is dried before it's depulped. It imparts a fruity and maybe fermented flavor. Then these beans have the caffeine removed without harsh chemicals, using compounds naturally found in coffee to draw it out.

I have a nice medium roast of these beans for you to strengthen the tasting notes without drowning them out. I hope it helps you end your day or enjoy a good cup in a sea of bad decaf.

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Farm information and images from Royal Coffee