It started with a need. I needed to stay awake to study. I needed  to be at the coffee shop with my friends while studying. I needed to spend money. Better sleep habits, study locations, or financial health were just not options.

What began as sugar-filled lattes and frappes to dose me with the energy I wanted needed to get through each day turned to straight black cups of joe. I realized the devastating amount of calories I was consuming. I hated it. But, after a couple weeks of the stuff, it was fine. But some time after that, I actually grew to like it, even being able to differentiate and develop preferences.

Over the years, the "necessity" grew into an appreciation and the appreciation into a hobby. I collected way too many ways to make coffee. I began roasting my own coffee at home. I became insufferable, then chilled out (a little (I hope)). Now that passion is burning to serve you.

Spring City Coffee exists to make coffee snobbery approachable. I'll sling you some cold brew. I'll pour you a hot cup of joe. I'll roast up some beans for you. All the while, I hope to get you to see the beauty and intricacies of coffee I've come to praise the Maker for. It's a fun little berry seed. Come find out what coffee can be.

~ Garrett DeMeyer